Let’s Try Expeditions: Viking Gameplay Preview

Horath Drak

Published on November 7th, 2016 on Youtube: Horath Drak

COMPLETE FIRST CAMPAIGN PLAY THROUGH, Grab your axe and join the shield wall! We are playing a preview build of Expeditions: Viking, the next chapter in the acclaimed Expeditions series after Expeditions: Conquistador. Developed by Danish indie studio Logic Artists, Expeditions: Viking is a role-playing game set in the Dark Ages (ca. 790 AD), where we have to take over the reins and rule as a Danish thegn after the death of our father Ragnar, a pioneer and explorer who died pursuing riches across the treacherous North Sea. Now that he is dead, the neigbouring nobles of Denmark are circling above the clan like carrion crows, looking for signs of weakness and hoping for easy conquest. Will we be able to unite and strengthen the clan before they descend? Can we follow in Ragnar’s footsteps and reach the fabled shores of England to raid or trade our way to power and glory? Join me for a skull-cracking, mead-slurping, longship-building adventure and find out!


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